roulettemx (roulettemx) wrote,

Omegle is wonderful

Stranger: hi asl
You: oh hi~
You: 20/a mystery/USA
You: I am amazed you haven't disconnected yet~
Stranger: put your hands between your legs and tell me what you feel
You: jeans
You: >:3
Stranger: under the jeans
You: my chair
Stranger: between your skin and the jeans
You: underwear!
Stranger: between your skin and your under wear between your legs
You: um
You: a small patch of air?
You: I think you are trying to get at me describing my genitals
You: but my genitals have skin so
Stranger: yep
You: if you want between my skin and underwear, that is a small amount of air.
Stranger: underneath your underwear but not your jeans or the chair
You: my skin?
Stranger: yeah what does it feel like there
You: skin-like!
You: and a little hairy
Stranger: is it wet at all
You: no but FYI
You: vaginas are not always very wet.
You: alternatively, I could just be touching my mons
You: which will be dry regardless!
Stranger: is there an extension there
You: Well
You: both clitori and penises count as extensions
You: and labia do too I would argue
You: so, yes.
Stranger: which do you have then a clit or a dick
You: well they both come from the same tissue
You: developmentally
You: so those are basically the same thing.
Stranger: just tell me your damn gender a guy cant wank forever on what youve given me so far
You: oh, you want my gender?
Stranger: yes
You: I thought you wanted my sex.
You: So wait which do you want
Stranger: f
You: ?
You: does f stand for gender
You: or sex
Stranger: gender male- m female- f
You: so you do want gender?
Stranger: yes
You: well I I'd say
You: about 25% feminine, 75% masculine
You: I identify as masculine
You: But I certainly have some degree of a feminine side!
Stranger: god damn
You: :3
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I can't believe he stayed on for that long :3
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