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Basically the best thing ever holy shit

el trebek: basically I won at chemistry professor
WrathOfBlade: oh man, is this one of those "Chemistry Stories"?
el trebek: this morning he was all "Yeah my mom who is 94 is in intensive care and my dad is going to go into assisted living (also 94) so I won't be here after Wednesday's class."
el trebek: and I was like "shit :<"
el trebek: because I really like this professor a lot
el trebek: I would gay marry him!
WrathOfBlade: ...and that's the best thing ever?
el trebek: and I have been loving the class, he makes O-chem wonderful, etc. etc.
el trebek: SO
el trebek: I wandered outside of his office for like 20 minutes
el trebek: debating whether to go in and anonymously tell him how much I like the class
el trebek: and to express sympathy for his situation since I have had some experience in it :<
el trebek: and I did and he was nice about it
WrathOfBlade: man that would be so cool to do but also really difficult and awkward
el trebek: and I told 'im about my mom to express that I knew about it
WrathOfBlade: moreso for some than others, I guess
el trebek: and he was like "Yeah, that is very hard for people your age"
el trebek: and told me his daughter was in the same boat
el trebek: because his wife passed away 6 years ago ;____;
WrathOfBlade: oh shit
WrathOfBlade: poor guy
el trebek: and I was like "holy shit a tenured professor who wins hella fucking teaching awards and got magna cum laude at caltech and brown and did postdoc work at harvard SHARED A PERSONAL STORY WITH ME"
el trebek: and he asked what my name was (keep in mind this class is 250 people, so I was bein' anonymous)
el trebek: and I was like, "Well, my first name is Max, but I am going to withhold my last name to avoid any preferential leanings" sort of as a joke but also to make this less pressure on me
el trebek: and he was like, "Max Cart?"
el trebek: and I was like "D: You got me"
WrathOfBlade: you are officially his favorite
el trebek: basically he remembered my name because I post on the online messageboard for the class
el trebek: which he reads over
el trebek: and I have answered questions on there
el trebek: to help other dudes in the class out
el trebek: and I was like "holy shit he knows my fucking name" in my head
el trebek: and we BSed about some chemistry for a bit, some lab stories (I did most of the talking because I was nervous and he is somewhat more mild-mannered than I)
el trebek: and I showed off my burn I got last week as my first chemistry injury :>
el trebek: and I also mentioned that I was readin' a little bit of his research on posters in the hall
el trebek: and he was like, "Yeah, a lot of students ask if they can do research in my lab, and I always tell them to finish O-chem first. But if you wanted to apply in the summer, I would check with your TA's first, but you could potentially work in it if you wanted"
el trebek: and I was like "D:" in my head
el trebek: he fucking invited me to apply to work in his lab
el trebek: and the thing is that in professor reviews
el trebek: everybody says they lub him because he is wonderful
el trebek: but also that he is a bit distant in person, probably because of all the suck-up pre-med kids
el trebek: and he was smilin' with me and we talked for like 15 minutes without him bein' like "k get out I have work to do" and he invited me to maybe work in his lab and told me personal stories.
el trebek: and during the conversation, he mentioned the Portland State University magazine (which is small, infrequent, and pretty useless but whatevs)
el trebek: which he got on the cover of :>
el trebek: and I was like, "Yeah, I've seen it!"
el trebek: and he was like "I think I have a dozen or so outside of my office, if you want to take one"
el trebek: Hannah interpreted this as him tryin' to show off to me a little and if so that is so endearing and HOLY SHIT MAN I THINK I MADE A CONNECTION WITH MY FAVORITE PROFESSOR I HAVE HAD SO FAR HOLY SHIT
el trebek: and like I was me about it
el trebek: all admittin' to bein' nervous
el trebek: and what have you
el trebek: not like "bwahahaha I am super serious whoo"
el trebek: this happened at like 11
WrathOfBlade: I'm pretty impressed
el trebek: and like
WrathOfBlade: I sort of thought you'd go off on a tangent about covalent bonds or something, but that is genuinely one of the best things ever
el trebek: I am amazed still that I managed to get myself to walk in his office.
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That's kind of amazing.

You rock the makin' personal connections casbah! :D

I am glad that I read this whole thing.
Rei! You still care about me maybe a little :}