roulettemx (roulettemx) wrote,

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Powder Keg

I feel like a powder keg. I feel like half the time, I am exploding (albeit not too intensively) at everybody I talk to. And yet there is no catharsis, and I'm still just as angry and on-edge. I'm having trouble letting shit go, I have to be right, and the end result is that I'm really stressed and a lot of Hannah's LJ friends probably think I look like a huge piece of shit. And then, to top it all off, I think I'm finally starting to get past some of the shock from my mom dying and hitting the depression/anger, and then I delude myself enough to say that I'm only upset because of that and that nobody knows my pain, it isn't fair, etc.

I really want a fucking break. Two weeks where I can do anything without being judged or interpreted. Especially by myself.

Sup tears.
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