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Nobody reads this anyway, so time for me to autofellate! is hilarious. You should watch it. Also, you should note that a lot of reviews are like "OH NOEZ THEY SAID A RACIAL SLUR." Somebody responded in a review, asking why it is ok for black people to say the n-word and why other races can't. I spent way too much effort responding because I am CRAZY. Here it is:

"In response to, "Why can't a white person say nigger but a black person can?", I would argue it comes down to privilege and context. Black people are at a disadvantage due to history; this disadvantage has been pretty well propagated through racism. This has produced a context where-in slurs exist to refer to the 'lesser' by the 'higher.' These slurs, when used by somebody in the 'higher' position, directly point out and reinforce the existence of the disparity. When used by somebody in the 'lower' position, this context doesn't really make sense and therefore it is taken as them trying to change the meaning of the word so it is no longer a slur, or, more simply, they are 'taking it back.' Unfortunately, even a well-meaning white person can't really 'take it back' by using it when other unwell-meaning white people are using it in the context of the slur-sense. Only when the person is known to be cool within a small group is the term allowed, as the context is understood as 'taking the word back,' as opposed to reinforcing the oppressive connotation. There are three possible solutions. First, society could work to make the word never be said by anybody so that the mix-up of connotations is no longer an issue as nobody uses the word in the first place. Unfortunately, making a word taboo is usually stupid as fuck. Second, society could work to destroy and limit the context of the word by using it in everyday places such as the media, cheapening and weakening the word. This could potentially work, but also could be an excuse for assholes to call black people niggers and be like "LULZ JK." Third, perhaps the more equitable option, is to attempt to shorten the social and economic disparity between races by weakening racism through education that emphasizes acceptance and through social services to help even the playing field so that underprivileged groups have an EQUAL opportunity and associations between black people and lower-economic-class are weakened. This, while the most difficult approach, is without a doubt a good ideal to strive for.

Also, I agree, within the context of the joke, it was hilarious and clearly just used for obscenity, not as a slur.


Of course, nobody will read this, so this is pretty much just for me to look at later and be like "hahaha I WAS AWESOME" but really I will look back and be like "hahaha WOW I WAS STUPID." It'll be alright!

EDIT: Jesus Christ what the fuck. I said something intelligent to somebody on Newgrounds in a PM and wasn't called a fag. Go figure!

"Thank you very much, and you are correct on every point good sir. Truthfully I was explecting a lot of hate-mail from this but I was pleasantly surprised when I read your message.

Thank you again for your thoughtful insight."
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