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So you know when you have a parent who is a dick about A-'s?

And also who isn't especially vocal about when you do good, though they are silently proud, BUT YOU CAN'T HEAR SILENCE SO IT STILL BUGS YOU WHEN THEY GET ON YOU FOR A-'s?

I was totally fearing this scenario, because I missed some calc assignments and got a 78/100 on the second midterm. I also kinda bombed my chemistry final (21/35) because I didn't re-study the stuff from the first two terms at all! Between that and my consistent A- work in Frinq, I was prepared to get all A-/B+'s and have my dad be like "I DON'T KNOW IF THAT'S ENOUGH FOR YOU TO GET INTO PHARMACY SCHOOL BAAAAWWWWWW."

Fucking 4.0 this term.

Extra credit in calculus ftw.

Curved grading in chemistry and horrible performance by the class as a whole ftw.

Subjective grading and my badasserole website ftw.

Life is amazing.
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